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Erik at two years old
Here's what happened:

When Erik Thorson was six years old, he was supposed to take a nap when he got home from school. But instead of sleeping, he would lie down with his ear snuggled up to the radio speaker and listen to country music from station WARL in Arlington, VA. So began a lifelong love affair with American roots music.

Before Erik started sneaking off to listen to country music, his parents had exposed him to classical music, Broadway show tunes and folk music. Later his musical odyssey took him to rockabilly, rock and roll, mainstream pop, soul, the folk revival, Motown, blues, bluegrass, folk-rock, country-rock; pretty much any genre that relies on words and melody to move the listener.

Erik wrote his first song when he was in college. Having been bitten by the songwriting bug, and after detours for service in the Navy and graduate school, he eventually ended up in Nashville. The songs he writes and co-writes reflect his many musical influences. You will hear some of them in the twelve songs on his debut CD "Too Close To The Moon". Even though the songs are from different heritages, Erik and co-producer Tim Thompson found a unifying sound for the project. Erik calls it "Americana-electric" or "Roots with juice".

Erik, now 60, is a songwriter and singer who lives in Nashville, TN. He has had songs recorded by Toby Keith, The Crickets, Marie Osmond, Lee Greenwood, Charlie McClain, Diesel, Regina Leigh and many other recording artists.

Nashville is a town where people come to live a dream. Many, maybe most, leave disillusioned when their dreams don't come true soon enough. Erik is a survivor who has never given up on his dream. "I'm still looking for The Big One", he says, "but no matter what happens I plan to keep writing songs and singing them".

ERIK WITH BRANDO THE DOG Erik at 57 and Brando the dog at two years old


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