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Click on the titles below to hear clips from a few of the songs on the CD
"Too Close To The Moon"
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Standing Too Close To The Moon (duet with Kathy Mattea)     Country-pop with an infectious melody and special touches, from Kathy Mattea's vocals to Jonathan Yudkin's cello.
The Sun's Gonna Shine Again     An uplifting, bluegrassy song of hope.
Voodoo Juice     A swamp-boogie number about a woman who learns to relax and enjoy herself, without therapy.
If He Knew What I Know     A ballad with a wistful bouquet, Celtic overtones of penny whistle and fiddle and a smooth but regretful finish.
Tears To You     Cry-in-your-beer country with an upbeat sound. A real two-stepper.
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The other songs on the CD:
It Went Without Saying     Words are powerful, but you gotta remember to use them before it's too late.
Looking Down The Barrel Of Good-Bye     Take me back, please!
I Never Liked Waltzes     Sometimes love speeds you up, sometimes it makes you want to slow down, to three-quarter time.
Whole Lot Of Medicine     Just singin' the blues.
First Time Out Of The Chute     A rockin', wry look at learning one of life's lessons by hitting the ground, hard, then hitting a bar, hard.
My Heart Has Wings     Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Corner Of Heaven     Reduce, reuse, recycle. Don't let your corner of heaven get ruined. (PARENTAL ADVISORY- this song contains the word "h-e-double hockey sticks", but in a positive manner).

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