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These are the fine people who made "Too Close To The Moon" such a pleasure to listen to and look at:

The Songwriters: My talented co-writers and the songs we wrote together

Ray Sisk"If He Knew What I Know"
Mark D. Sanders"I Never Liked Waltzes"
Marc A. Rossi"Corner Of Heaven",   "It Went Without Saying",  "Looking Down The Barrel Of Good-bye",  "The Sun's Gonna Shine Again"
Bob Landrigan"My Heart Has Wings",  "Voodoo Juice"
Mickey James"First Time Out Of The Chute"
Lee Domann "Standing Too Close To The Moon"
Kelly Delaney "First Time Out Of The Chute",  "Voodoo Juice"
The Musicians who played and sang so beautifully:

Jonathan Yudkin fiddle, mandolin, cello
Dow Tomlin bass, fretless bass
Lars Thorson (age 8) fiddle on "If He Knew What I Know"
Erik Thorson lead vocals
Tim Thompson acoustic guitar
Shane Theriotelectric guitar, electric twelve-string guitar
Mike Rojas Hammond B-3 organ
Allen Morrell background vocals
Kathy Mattea vocals on "Standing Too Close To The Moon"
Jim Hoke accordion, pennywhistle, harmonica
Brian Fullen drums, other percussion
Bruce Bouton Dobro, pedal steel, lap steel, pedalbro
Brittany Allyn background vocals
"Too Close To The Moon" was:
Produced by Tim Thompson and Erik Thorson
Recorded at Mainframe Studio, Nashville, Tennessee, by Nathan Smith
Mastered by Eric Wolf at Wolf Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee
Art Direction by Brian Cox
CD Photography by J. Michael Rogers
Black-and-white portraits on this website by Karen Will Rogers
Nathan Smith, Erik Thorson, Tim Thompson
at Mainframe Studio


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